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Posted on: June 22, 2011

This is an active site!

Sandi is Celebrating 12 Years of CircleMatic!
A big THANK YOU to all who have supported this tool!

Thank you for checking out my Templates!CIRCLEMATIC INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO

In this one hour video Sandi explains how to use the CircleMatic Form Finder Templates to spark your creativity and create a wide variety of forms.


(This is my re-stocking time)


Template Set is $59.95 plus $10 shipping
for a total of $69.95 (plus tax)

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• Please allow up to two weeks for delivery for domestic orders


• Please write check for $72.45 ($59.95 + 12.50 shipping).
• Make check out to “Sandra Pierantozzi”.
• Please include your email address and shipping address.
• Send to 2034 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

• Please allow up to two weeks for delivery for domestic orders



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Explore Conical Forms With These Easy to Use Templates! For Potters & Teachers Working with Clay Slabs or Paper

TO PURCHASE CIRCLEMATIC FORM FINDER TEMPLATES: • Order links to pay by PayPal or Credit Card are above on the right side of the page.  • If you prefer to pay by Check, please download the PDF Order Form Below: CircleMatic Mail In Order Form PLEASE ALLOW TWO WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.  INTERNATIONAL ORDERS TAKE LONGER. How CircleMatic Works… CircleMatic Form Finder is a set of 24 circular templates that are flexible, durable, laminated, and useful for clay work as well as paper projects. They are helpful in teaching, and learning about, how conical forms are developed from cutting sections out of circles. The flexibility of the templates allow the user to see what form can be made from each template. The durability allows the user to cut against them when working with clay slabs, and because of the lamination they can be wiped clean with a damp sponge. They are lettered so the user can record which templates are used for specific forms. This encourages exploration, since you can choose to make and stack the templates to arrive at a form before cutting up your slabs.  There are three parts to the set:  The Main Template Format in Green has 10 templates, The Alternate Templates in Blue has 6 templates, and  The Purple Templates are Solid Circles that have division lines in quarters and thirds. They come in a sturdy reclosable bag for easy storage.  Below see photos of how the templates can be stacked to create a variety of forms.                               Using CircleMatic Form Finder Templates is like having building blocks for creating forms. You can have fun creating a whole new series of Forms! The more you use them, the more you learn about making forms from multiple parts. From these templates a variety of forms can be made, either by using one or two templates to make a form, or by making multiple parts from various templates and stacking them in different combinations. Start by making a form from each of the templates, and see how you can combine them. Then make multiples of each of the templates, and you will discover even more variations for forms. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild! CircleMatic Form Finder was developed as a teaching tool to illustrate how circular templates are created. The templates were designed and created by Sandi Pierantozzi, a studio potter who handbuilds with slabs, and who has worked extensively in the field of ceramics, developing her work for 27 years. Sandi teaches workshops nationwide, and in trying to develop good, clear demonstrations, she has developed the templates over years of trial and error. Some Sample Projects for the Classroom:    For this project I had the students choose up to 8 of the templates to work with. They could make multiple parts from their chosen templates to create a form. I demonstrated the bottle form on the right, but I wanted the students to see how many different forms they could come up with by stacking and re-stacking the various parts they made. Below are some of the forms the students made.             Progression of a bowl made with the basic techniques shown in the video below:   The following video shows some basics of how to use the templates. Students in a recent class loved the templates so much they made a fun video about it! POTTERY MAKING ILLUSTRATED FEATURED  CIRCLEMATIC FORM FINDER TEMPLATES IN THE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 ISSUE! You can download a copy of the article below: CircleMatic Article Pottery Making Illustrated Start creating new forms today!


CircleMatic Contact:  circlematic(at)
To see the work of Sandi Pierantozzi & Neil Patterson visit their website:


17 Responses to "CircleMatic Form Finder"

I absolutely love Sandi Pierantozzi – I first found her on Ceramic Arts Daily and I purchased her 2 DVD set “What If?” – I have learned so much from her and she makes things very easy to understand and fun. I love her customer service and style of teaching and how she makes you stop and think about what you can do when creating…so I also had to purchase her Circlematic Templates and they do not disappoint – she has made life a bit easier for us handbuilders. What an inspiration Sandi is – I look forward to more DVD’s and tools from Sandi – Awesome job on both – Highest regards – Cindy

Love the video. Both

you are so thoughtful and I love your demonstrations. So many great tips that I bring to the classroom. My students love your techniques and I can’t wait to show them the templates.
Andrea Sanguine

I am using the circlematic templates and your DVD for the second year in my Art I high school classes. I am so pleased with the pieces they are making and the understanding they have of hand building technique. The templates help them to invision their designs as we make them from paper first. Then there are almost no questions regarding construction when they cut their pieces from clay slabs. The craftsmanship is also greatly improved due to the precision of the templates. Bravo!

Hi Sandy, This is Di Stirling from Di Stirling Pottery in Australia. I have just ordered your templates and can’t wait to use them. I have been using templates for a long time as I have been potting for a long time but I love the fact that these are so professional, precise and exact. I have also ordered your dvd so can’t wait to watch and pass it on to my students. Love your work. Cheers Di

I think in a more mathematical sense and have a background in fashion patternmaking, so I cannot wait to receive my set of templates! I think they will be very practical and make me a more efficient handbuilder!

Hi Sandi, how do you use the purple circles? Are they just for marking quarters and thirds?

Hi Suzanne, Yes, the purple circles are for dividing up pots for decoration or darting, or anything else you might need to divide the pots. They are set up for quarters and thirds, but by moving the circles around, you can divide up into eights and sixths. I use these purple templates often. You can either place them on the top of a pot, or set the pot on the circles if you prefer marking the bottoms. I also use these templates form cutting out lids as they are exact circles.

Hi Mary, I apologize for the missing templates and yes, I can send you replacements. However, there is no number 7. Do you mean the 7″ purple circle?
It is best to respond to this email address:

Hi Sandi, I have been watching your You Tube videos and love your hand building techniques. I ordered and received your What If? DVD’s and love them. Just received my Templates and can’t wait to try them. Looking forward to more DVD’s and I really appreciate you sharing your talents! Thank You, Margie Fleming

Hello Margie, You made my day! Thank you for your nice note. I love to teach so I am so happy you find the information helpful. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for your support of my CircleMatic Templates tool.

I would like to order your templates. Are you still in business?

Hello Tonja, Yes, I am still selling the templates. The date on the website is when I set it up
and I cannot seem to change it! I am only doing domestic orders at this time. Thank you for your interest in my templates. Best, Sandi

Thanks!!!! I will be doing a mail order. I have had problems in the past with PayPal. Or do you offer another way to pay for the templates?

Hi Cathy, no the templates are not just laminated paper but a strong type of flexible plastic. They do not cut easily. We have used sets for 10 years in our busy classroom. They can be wiped clean with a damp sponge if you use different clays. Thank you for your question and your interest. Have a good day! Sandi

Hi there, I own a pottery supply house in Sudbury, ON Canada I am interested in carrying your templates. Could someone please contact me about a wholesales account?

Hello Kathy, I apologize for the delayed response but I am just now seeing this request.
I don’t have any international wholesale accounts because of the shipping expenses. If you have a shipper that you use for such things, we could do it that way. The current retail price of a set of templates is $59.95 US dollars. The wholesale price per set is $45 per set. If you would like to continue to pursue this, please email me at: sanducce(at) Thank you for your interest!
Best Regards, Sandi

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  • circlematic: Hello Kathy, I apologize for the delayed response but I am just now seeing this request. I don't have any international wholesale accounts because of
  • Kathy Stinson: Hi there, I own a pottery supply house in Sudbury, ON Canada I am interested in carrying your templates. Could someone please
  • circlematic: Hi Cathy, no the templates are not just laminated paper but a strong type of flexible plastic. They do not cut easily. We have used sets for 10 years


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